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6 Signs You Made A Great Impact On Visa

Millions of tourist visas are given by the US Consulate all over the world for people to meet friends and relatives, get access to medical care facilities and enjoy the attractions in the country. The B category visa relates to the tourist activities and is a non-immigrant visa but those looking to study or work in US require a different visa.

The B-1 visa is specifically for business visitors and is given to foreigners perusing business activities but is not allowed to work or seek employment.

From attending meeting, seminars and conferences to business relate temporary work, this visa suffices. With the visa requirements that are fulfilled, the B-2 visa or the ‘visitors for pleasure’ is issued for most of the people that apply. Once you are granted the visa, you are free to travel to any state within US and enjoy sightseeing, get medical care and attend seminars, business meetings, as required.

The B-2 visa encompasses amusement, tourist activities, medical treatments, visits to family and friends. Depending upon the primary purpose of the visit, you will need to check with the US Consulate and file the documentation accordingly. The US visa requirements include:

• Having strong ties to your home country that you do not intend abandoning

• Coming to US for a short time/temporary visit

• Coming to US as per tourist/medical care or attending business meetings which are eligible on the visa.

• Show your financial resources to sustain you through the temporary visit

On arrival the foreigners come to US on a visa and get an I-94 card which is stamped by the US Customs and Border Patrol agent. I-94 card has all of the required information including the legal name, home country, original birth date while it is stamped with the date of entry and the expiry date of the visa. This is the time that is allocated to you to spend time in US. Schengen Visa

However, even if you are granted a 10 year visa, you cannot stay for more than 6 months in US and have to go back to your home country. Alternatively, you can file an extension or get the status changed to another visa. The basis of visa include that no employment is possible and the visit is only for a short duration. There is no requirement for approval from USCIS and you can directly petition for the tourist visa at the US Consulate.

Most of the tourist visa requirements encompass that you leave US on or before the expiry date while the B-1 business visa is only given for a shorter duration while the tourist visa is for maximum 6 months.

You can always talk with an immigration attorney and ask about the specific requirements that have to be fulfilled before you are granted the visa. There are numerous lawyers that deal specifically with the issues related to non-immigrant visa categories including tourist visa requirements and can help you with the documentation. They have the experience of dealing with a variety of immigration related issues and would be able to guide you best.

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