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Vending Routes – Would You Pay $600 For a Candy Vending Machine Because it Sells Energy Mints?

Is it worth paying $600 for a regular old gumball machine just because it sells a special energy mint?  No way. They call it an energy vending machine but in reality there is no difference between the energy vending machine and the gumball  machine except for the price.  The energy vending machine sells for $600 a piece. You are told its worth it because you get the retail rights to the product.  Why not just buy 1 machine for the outrageous price and buy the rest of them for $39 each. If you Google candy vending machine you will find plenty of candy machines at a very fair price.

amazon selling machine

The business opportunity company will not tell you that there energy vending machine needs little plastic capsules to make the machine vend there product.  They want you to believe that the bulk candy machine is a special machine and can only sell that product.  The energy market is a great market but it is not good for young children. By putting an energy mint into a candy  machine gives the wrong idea to children.  If you are going to get into the exploding energy market, do it through a vending machine made for the energy product, not a cheap candy machine.

Finding a vending machine is not hard.  T.Pico international and Mad Dog Energy Products have teamed up to bring energy products to the vending market without putting the products into small little plastic capsules.  The exclusive arrangement protects vendors making them the only one in there area with an energy vending machine that no one else has.  Here is an example of what happens when someone with a Mad Dog  machine competes with a regular gumball vending machine.  They both approach the same location and explain the benefits. Distributor with the plain candy vending machine approaches the business owner and explains the benefits of the energy product.  The location excepts. Now the distributor with the exclusive energy vending machine comes in and approaches the business owner with the same benefits. Except this time he says that he offers 4 delicious flavors. Than the Mad Dog distributor notices a bunch of little plastic capsules in the garbage and some that fell on the floor. He explains to the business owner that his energy machines only vend the energy product and do not need a plastic capsule to make his machine work.  The business owner decides he would like the benefit with more flavors and without the mess of the plastic capsules. He also wants to save the environment, so he asked the vendor that is ruining the environment with plastic to remove his candy vending machine and he tells the Mad Dog distributor to bring his in.  This happens all the time.  If you want to get into an exploding market, do it with something that no one else has.

Retail rights come with most energy companies. Remember even with retail its going to be hard to make it as a one product company. If you plan to do retail with energy products make sure you have more than one tool in your bag of tricks. Energy products include, energy drinks, energy shots, energy chews and energy mints.  If you can offer all the products to one establishment it will show that you are a real company and not just trying to break into the market with one product.

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